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Teaching your puppy the fundamentals.

Teaching a basic set of instructions to your puppy can help them feel more at ease in social settings and be simpler to manage. It may also keep children secure in crowded or hazardous areas, allowing you to go anywhere with them and meet anybody without fear. The following categories provide quick and easy access to the most common commands you’ll use throughout the day:

How to teach your dog to sit:

Start by putting a dog treat in front of your dog’s nose. Instruct your dog to sit by extending a reward over their heads. When your dog raises his head to look for the reward, he should automatically sit. Don’t forget to praise and reward your dog for excellent behaviour.

If your dog doesn’t get it after a few tries, try them again later throughout the day. After that, keep making the hand motion and removing the goodie one by one. Once your dog has mastered the sit command consistently, you may begin using a phrase with him.

How to teach your dog to wait:

Begin by saying “Sit” and making a hand motion to encourage your dog to sit. Say “Stay” while holding out your hand with the palm facing your dog.

Wait a few seconds before rewarding your dog for excellent behaviour. Now go back and do it again. Step back with the palm of your hand facing your dog and deliver the “Stay” command after asking your dog to sit. Step forward and give your dog a treat after waiting for three seconds.

Give your dog a treat each time they remain as you repeat these procedures farther away from them. Do not forget to “release” your dog by asking them to get up again at the conclusion of every exercise. Regular sessions of several minutes will provide greater outcomes.

How to teach your dog to come to you:

In order to get the most out of your puppy’s training, keep it in an enclosed environment with as few distractions as possible. Allow your puppy to explore for a few minutes before crouching down, opening your arms, and calling their name while yelling the cue word loudly and excitedly.

When they come, shower them with compliments and offer them a prize. After that, give them another reward and attach a leash to their collar. Unclip the lead, get up, and move away once they’ve completed the reward. Then go back to step one and repeat the procedure.

Make it a point to work on your skills every day for a few weeks while keeping your practice sessions brief. Be careful to practice in a variety of settings while keeping your dog’s safety in mind.

How to teach your dog to lay down:

You can teach your puppy to lay down by placing a reward between their front paws and removing it away from them after they know how to sit. Reward them for their excellent behavior by laying down with them and giving them a treat. Once again, keep repeating this motion and gradually phase out the reward until your puppy can do the action on his own.

When you are sure that your puppy can do the action correctly, you may begin to link a physical action to the order.

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